Lately I've been stuck in the crazy life mode. I've had no time for blog posts, which really bums me out. One of the problems I've encountered is that my life isn't just about design and home decor anymore. While I am working part time, a lot of my life is about raising our daughter and preparing for baby #2 (yes, that's right, baby #2 coming in July, woohoo) on top of working part time. So, with that being said I not only had some help giving my website a makeover, but now it's time for blog makeover. I still plan on posting interior design/home decor bits, but also posts about life in general and things that I come across and find useful from recipes, to baby products, to places to get away. I'm super excited about opening my blog up to other topics and look forward to your feedback. Thanks readers :-)

Check out my website so far, still working on a couple of the details, but we are headed in the right direction...

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