Ikea's Expedit Shelving

I've done a couple posts on Ikea's furniture and even included some of their pieces in other posts, so in case you couldn't tell, I am a fan. I might currently be the #1 fan of the Expedit shelving system they manufacture. I currently have 8 of them in my house. I know that sounds crazy, but I have used them in closets and to store toys and books in my daughters room, the Expedit makes my life easier. You can see in my previous post how I used the Expedit, but then I wanted to share some photos of how other people have used this line of shelving as well, enjoy...

Photo: Unknown

Photo: Unknown

Photo: Domino Magazine

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Hi! Nice IKEA ideas. I found you on BlogCrush Orange County. Check out my blog if you get a chance...ciao!