Hip and Stylish Austin, Texas

Originally built in 1939 this "ultramodern motor court" has been transformed into an urban bungalow-style hotel that sits right in the heart of the hippest neighborhood in the city. Welcome to the Hotel San Jose...

Rooms start at $95 for a shared bath and go up to $375 for a courtyard suite. Choose from six different options for breakfast in your room while you read the paper and although you'll need to step out of the room for lunch and/or dinner, there are plenty of close by options including Jo's

Just because Hotel San Jose is modern, hip and urban, doesn't mean they have forgotten about luxry. Not only do they offer up a swimming pool, dry cleaning, wi-fi, and in-room mani and/or pedi, each bed is also made up with sheets by Frette (see current write up on Frette in Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine, by Rick Campos, pg.22).

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