Be Sweet is oh-so-sweet!!!!

I walked into Atelier Natalie Umbert last week and was floored by the cutest thing I'd ever seen. It was this adorable hooked rug cube, so...of course I had to get all the info because no way am I not going to be putting one of these in the babies room =)

Not only was the cube adorable, but the company that makes the cube has a socially and environmentally conscious motive. Be Sweet Products mission statement is "creative products with a conscience". Founder Nadine Storyk Curtis wanted to bring products to consumers that appreciate fashionable pieces and also bring support community development around the world- See Be Sweet Mission for more information.

The Mielie Cube is made from recycled t-shirt fabric. It comes unstuffed with the intention that those who purchase it can stuff it with recycled packing materials or old soft materials (t-shirts, towels, etc...). Check out their website for sizes, colors and where to purchase.

Natalie gave me the info on the Be Sweet and I went right home to check out their website, cute, cute and cuter. They sell everything from yarn to jewelry and everything is so unique and fabulous. Now, I'm not a sewer (not yet, on my resolutions for next year), but I pulled out some of my favorites from other categories below (different styles at top of page once in that category) ...

Beautiful Necklaces and Bracelets made out of Imfibinga Seeds
Gold Fiber Bracelets

Little Heart and Flower Brooches

Made out of recycled fibers

Felt Flower Pins and Felt Animal Pins

Made from Merino wool and available in many colors.

Stinson Oval Weekender

This item is benefits craftspeople from various parts of Africa who have dealt with war, famine or HIV, see website for more details...

Bitty Bamboo Hat and Bitty Bambino Hat

Made from 100% bamboo yarn

Made from organic cotton and bamboo yarn

Bird Mobile

Mascot Animals

Bunting Flags

Sold individually and can spell anything you'd like...


Made from Imfibinga Seeds


Be Sweet said...

Thanks for your kind words about Be Sweet! We wrote about you and your post over at our blog, www.waggledancing.com.

My Bambino said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!