Country Road, Take Me Home...

I'm not sure if you can tell from other posts and from pictures of our house, but I tend to lean towards rustic, reclaimed and sort of farmhouse inspired homes. These home just call out to me to come in, sit back and relax. Some architects take the barn inspiration quite literally and others take the idea of living in a barn, but put their own twist on it.

Photo: California Home and Design, November 2008

Photo: Better Homes and Gardens, September 2008

The next five pictures are all from an architecture and building company in Vermont called, Birdseye Building Company. Their work is the very essence of what I love. Can I call it Country Chic?

Photo: Beautiful Homes, Late Summer 2008

Photo: Beautiful Homes, Winter 2009

Photos: Unknown

These barn doors on tracks are a great alternative to your everyday hinged doors. They can close off the room and/or act as an architectural piece of art when open.

Photo: Houzz

The following pictures come from my dream vacation/wedding site, Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee. It's an intimate luxury hotel on a 4,200 acre estate in the Great Smoky Mountains... and it's fabulous. Plenty of inspiration for a rustic farmhouse...

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