Focused on the Future in Austin, Texas

I came across a small ad for Reclaimed Space in the back of my Dwell Magzine. The photo of the interiors caught my eye. Rustic and chic at the same time. So I went to the website to see more and was very excited to see what these two were up to...

Austin based rancher and environmentalist Tracen Gardner and designer Kimber Reed wanted to do their part when it came to reversing "the impact of new building in our natural environment". In the summer of 2008 they started Reclaimed Space. The goal, to provide alternative energy capabilities and sustainable living while using reclaimed materials. For more information, photos and even layouts of the spaces available to purchase, visit their website, www.reclaimedspace.com

So freakin' cute, like a little beach bungalow!

They really did a great job with the interiors of the model. I would live here in a second!

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