Orange you glad I didn't say banana...

I know, I'm sorry, pretty cheesy title.

So in deciding what color scheme to do for the babies room I found my new color obsession. Orange!!! It's a color, I feel, often gets pushed off to the side. It's almost like people are afraid of it, when it's actually a color that, to me, is a very happy and fun color. Here are some ways to incorporate Orange into ones home...


I'm not suggesting every version of Orange will work when it comes to paint, so make sure you test a few and even consider hiring a designer (I know a great one, wink wink) to give you an hour color consultation.

Hallway: unknown, Bathroom: Country Home, Jan/Feb 2009

Can't afford a new headboards or don't like any you've seen. Fake it, with paint...


Upholstering a piece or two of furniture in an orange colored fabric is actually more for those that know they'll never get tired of the color. If you know you'll love it for a long time or your someone who changes your decor every few years... then go for it, otherwise, save the orange for accessories (see the next section of pics).

Painted pieces of furniture are easy to change up. Just paint them again when you want a different color scheme..


Home accessories/accents are the best way to incorporate Orange if you are not sure (you can always return things) or if you know you'll want to change things up again sooner than later. Try throw pillows, blankets, bedding, accent furniture, drapes or wall decor. Notice that most of these rooms have a very neutral base, but the Orange accents really add a punch.

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