Ditch the Towel Bars

There are other great ways to store towels and bathroom items than your typical towel bars and cabinets.

Try hooks instead of bars. It adds a fun casual feel to the bathroom.

Okay, it has a bar, but it's multi-purpose with shelves which add a little something to plain old bar look...

Try these hook options:

Train Racks are another great way to go. They add a vintage feel to the bathroom...

(website down for maintenance, check website for price later)

Wire Storage

Love the use of the wire basket on the back of the toilet for TP. Check out Sundance Catalog (see above) CB2 and Pottery Barn (below) for some great looking wire storage...

Pottery Barn

Towers are great for storing towels and bath products...

Restoration Hardware
(website down for maintenance, check website for price later)

Vintage Metal Pharmacy Cabinets

For pricing and information on metal pharmacy cabinets,
contact erin@todayandyesterday.com

Pottery Barn offers some other great ways to store bath items and this little table is perfect to go next to the tub or even in a powder bath to hang a hand towel...


Going for the more organic and earthy look?

Viva Terra

Baskets can hold anything...

Try these websites for great selections of baskets:

One can also get creative with crates...

Both from Target

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