Flooring. To Reclaim or Not to Reclaim?

Antiques have always been a great way to bring a little history into ones home. They are not only beautiful, but there is a story behind each and every piece. Now we can bring a little history into our homes with reclaimed wood flooring from old barns, bars, warehouses or even older homes.  Many people are in the market for a  more rustic look these days when it comes buying flooring and why buy new flooring and pay to have it look old when you can get the real thing?

Now, one thing to keep in mind is that reclaimed floors are for those who really want to appreciate the natural characteristics of the wood. It will never look perfect and uniformed. This wood is meant to be appreciated for what it is, not what we can do to it.

Our favorite local resource for reclaimed wood is The Vintage Wood Floor Company. Check out their website to see their floors and other ways to incorporate reclaimed wood into your house.

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Erin said...

I love this idea - and I love the different widths of hardwood in the last picture. You're hired when we buy a house!(But I'll have to pay you in chocolate chip cookies!) XOXO