First Day of Christmas Inspiration

Not sure why, but the first thing I have on my mind for this years Christmas Decor is a tree skirt. A tree skirt has always been the hardest Christmas item for me to find. There are so many out there that are super cheesy and so many that are super boring. After much research, these are my favorites and I've thrown in a few items to go with them...

Love for Color

Not Your Grandmother's Dollhouse

My how times have change, I definitely don't remember my dollhouse looking like this. Floor-to-ceiling windows, two fireplaces, open floor plan and even recessed LED lights. This is the dollhouse for today's mini design guru's and could even be fun for the parents.

Both available at www.brincadada.com


Coastal Retreat- The Texas Way

When I think about Texas I think of big, extravagant and over the top. This Gulf Coast retreat is anything but that. It's modern, rustic, airy and done right. If you have decided that the Texas Gulf Coast is the place for you, this is the way to do it...

Welcome to Tarpon Run

Entry Way

Love stairway railing...

Awesome galley kitchen..

This is the first time I've seen antiqued mirror tiles used for a backsplash... I love it!

The way they laid out the tub next to the window panels it so smart and modern.

I'm always a fan of barn doors, they look great anywhere.



I am officially done with wedding planning and we are back from our honeymoon. Life is good. While on our honeymoon in Hawaii we fell in love with one of their local artists, Heather Brown. Heather's art is inspiring, refreshing and just makes you smile and her pieces are great in the family room or in the kids room. Check out her website, she has giclees, matted prints, originals and specialty items to choose from.

Check out www.dickblick.com for this awesome rustic frame...