Ain't Nothin' Wrong With Neutral

I am a firm believer in keeping your base neutral and adding color with accessories. I love whites, creams and grays for paints and my main fabrics, but when it come pillows and other additions to a room, go nuts! Those are easy to change and your neutrals will go with any color scheme you happen to be in the mood for.

All Photos from www.bhg.com

Love all the neutral patterns they used and then a nice subtle pop of orange.

The reclaimed hood is amazing, so fabulous and I love the pillow combination in the banquet.

Very neutral, but the pop of green is perfect...

Love this desk chair!

Absolutely fantastic, neutral with a twist of lime. Love the painted bookcases and love the chandelier!

This bedroom just screams is so relaxing. If you are doing neutral in the bedroom, stick with an upholstered headboard. It softens the room, where an iron bed or even a wrong wood bed could make it feel too cold.

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