Chic Baby Toys?

Okay, well I don't know if "chic" is the right word, but maybe we can say cute. My first priority will always be to get toys for Taylor that she can have fun with and also learn from, with that, I also aim for these toys to be something we won't mind having out 99% of the time. There are a bazillion toys on the market these days and most of them seem to be oversized and plastic. As Taylor gets older and needs more things to keep her busy and stimulated, I've been on the hunt for great toys that are super duper cute. To my surprise, after a little research there are quite a few out there.

Our most recent addition to the collection, this adorable wood activity cube. It's perfect for her to pull up, stand and play. She absolutely loves it. It's out of stock online, but I just picked it up yesterday in the store...

This was a Christmas present from Santa, hehe. It's even cuter in person...

I am always a sucker for an owl. The Skip Hop toy is cute, plush and fun for baby. The perfect gift for Grandparents to get baby ;)

The stacking rings are a classic and the wood version is even cuter.

Another classic, ABC blocks. The wood version again, just makes them so cute and the wagon is perfect for new walkers.

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