Sugar and Spice, and All That's Nice

So now that I have a little baby girl, I can't seem to help the fact that I notice cute girly things wherever I go. When we brought Taylor home we finally purchased some girly bedding for the full size bed in her room, which I love, but I have the interior designer curse. Everywhere I go I see something I love and companies are always coming out with something new. This leads me to always wanting to change things in our house, but I'm going to be good and enjoy what we already purchased, but at least I can share some bedding I love with my readers.

I love that these 3 options bring pink into the picture without being all ruffly and fluffy. They are cute and fun...

These 2 sets of bedding are a little more mature, but would work great for a little one and this bedding could take them into their older years.

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