Who's Ready to Move???

HGTV has posted pics of this years Green Home Giveaway. That's right, they are giving away this gorgeous house to one lucky winner. This years home is in historic New England, not too far from the city of Boston. The sweepstakes doesn't start until April 16th, but you can tour the house online and get yourself ready to enter everyday....


I am just in love with this house. Love the simple style, love the porch, love the roof, love the trees, love everything.

Living Room

I'm usually not a fan of red, but this is done very nicely. Love the pop of yellow on the chairs and the fun eclectic coffee table. That's one of those pieces you would probably pass over, but it looks so great in the room.


So, again, not a big fan of red, but how awesome does that island countertop look in this house. I'm too much of a wimp to do that myself, but if someone told me this was my kitchen, I'd be stoked.

I love what they did with the backsplash. Instead of just one color of the mini-bricks they used to two make stripes around the kitchen and it looks awesome.

Stairwell and Tower

How awesome is this stairwell?!?! It leads to this fabulous little office nook at the top of the tower.

Laundry Room

I love how they put the sink in it's own little island. Great idea to have it accessible from both sides.

Master Suite

Love the print on this chair in the Master Bedroom, so cute.

It's all about the wall faucets! Looks so rustic chic, again, all I can say is, I love it!

Kids Room

Back Patio

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