More Ruffles and a Little Something Extra

After doing a little more research on ruffles I came across this tear out I had from the March Issue of Real Simple. They had many ruffled pillows, some of which I posted already, but the ruffled band pillow is what stood out. This lead me to Lisa Lill Studio. It was already love at first site, but then once I realize I could design my own pillows and bags, it became infatuation.

I created all four below. You can chose from solid a pillow, a pillow with a stripe down the middle or a pillow with a ruffle down the middle. Knock your self out...

If you don't need any pillows, but still are craving the idea of putting something together on your own, check out the many styles of bags they have to offer and let your creative juices flow...

Below are some of the pre-made bags they sell, which are just as adorable.

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