Your next sofa should not only be comfortable,
but it should also have great style.
Check out these traditional, transitional and contemporary sofas...

(Contact Erin for pricing and/or fabric information)

Asbury Sofa: $1299-$1971

Chester Sofa and Lee 3278-11 sofa: pricing varies

Angelica Sofa: $2395.00

Lee 3106-03 and Jackie Sofa: pricing varies

Jackson Sofa: $1499.00-$1899.00
Streamlined Sofa: $2999.00

Manchester Sofa: $1399.00-$2167.00
Hawthorne Sofa: $1299.00

Lee 3875-32 Sofa: pricing varies

Delaney Sectional: $2798.00, Hutton Sofa: $2199.00

Lee 5088-03 Sofa: pricing varies

Jordan Sectional: $3850.00, Abbot Sofa: $3950

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