... and here we are today...

The house is coming to life. It's starting to resemble the vision in our heads. 

The number one question we get is regarding the style of our house. We are never quite sure how to answer that so I've listed some of the words we've used when that question is asked:
  • Beachy
  • Farmhouse Feeling
  • Napa'ish
  • East Coasty
  • Sort of Plantation Like
It's sort of a conglomeration of many houses that we have loved in the many adventures of Teej and Erin,  but whatever one wants to call it, it's come together quite nicely. So exciting!


Alice said...

Looking fabulous, whatever you call it!!

Erin said...

YAY! So beautiful. I can attest that this house is going to be everything Teej and E. Just walking thru the wooden frames and cement foundation you get a sense of you two. Can't wait to see it DONE (and fabulousy "put together" by YOU!)

My fav is the front porch and the breakfast nook. (the rain shower and media room are kinda fun too :)